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The new Graduate Signature Archtop!

 Starting at: 3950$ USD

This is the new Entry Line of Rancourt Guitars hand made, hand carved and graduated Acoustic Archtops!

Offering the same quality standards as our other models, this one is simply a stripped down version of the essential aspects of our thoughtful building process… To make custom, balanced & rich sounding high-end Acoustic Archtops at a more affordable price…

Only made of Solid woods!.. You get the tone and vibe of a great acoustic archtop for half the price!

For more details go to Graduate Signature 

The new Edelweiss Custom Deluxe!

DSC 0647
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7 String Archtop on the way!


IMG 20170813 143101650
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Rancourt Guitars Builder’s Profile on Nordstrand Audio webiste!

Rancourt Guitars builder’s profile on Nordstrand Audio website!!

So pleased to be creating wonderful instrument with such great partners!

Thanks to everyone in the Nordstrand Team for the amazing work you do for us!

Already 5 years and it’s just a start!

You can read more to learn about my path in this creative life i have the chance to live and work for!

The Brand New Concerto Modern Signature 15” Acoustic Archtop!

Canadian Archtop Guitar Maker
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The new Deluxe Signature 16” Acoustic Archtop!

Deluxe Signature 16” Acoustic/Electric Archtop

Stella By Starlight played & Arranged by Olivier Laroche

Brand New 16” Modern Signature Archtop in Autumn Leaves burst!

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New Original 16” Deluxe Signature Acoustic Archtop

Hand Carved Acoustic Archtop Guitar top
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Removable Neck Hybrid Hand Carved Upright Bass

-Custom Designed and Made Travel Hybrid Upright Bass-

By, Guillaume Rancourt, Canadian Luthier

Rancourt Guitars instruments are being Exported!

The Traditionnal Acoustic Archtop has a new Home in Denver, Colorado!