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CR Guitars – CS-15 Acoustic Archtop in Autumn Leaves burst!

This Hand Carved, full bodied Acoustic Archtop was made to be sold at one of our US dealers, CR Guitars in Rhinebeck, NY. It was the first of the line we will be offering at the boutique from now own.

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This Concerto model was designed to be a full acoustic instrument, very well balanced and powerful enough for a rich tone on finger style arrangements on an archtop guitar. It is, based on our customers and owners impression, among the best Acoustic sounding Archtops there is on the market, along with great builders like Monteleone, D’Aquisto, d’Angelico to name a few

More details on the CR Guitars Concerto Signature 15 Acoustic Archtop page

Here is a live demo of that instrument!

CS-15 Acoustic Archtop Live Acoustic Concert Demo!

Here is a small Concert Olivier Laroche plaid at the Salon International de Guitare de Québec International Guitar Show few weeks ago in a 100% acoustic audio setup with the K&K internal pickup & a single Condenser Mic. Olivier made the fingerstyle arrangements of 3 classic jazz standards and here is the first one 🙂

More will be made available on the website very soon in the coming weeks. Hope you guys enjoy it!

The New Concerto 15” Wide Nut Acoustic Archtop

This Custom Ordered wide nut Natural Hand Carved Concerto Acoustic Archtop was ordered by a player to fit his needs. the chosen nut width of 1-7/8” was to give more room and string spacing for complex chords and the large hands of the player itself. We went for an all natural finish, on a very wonderful choice of tonewoods that makes for a really expressive and responsive, versatile instrument that shines in many styles of music and guitar playing. A side soundport was added for a more intimate relation between the player and his instrument. It is, like it’s base model the Modern Signature, completely assembled like a String Quartet Instrument.

More Details on the Concerto 15” page right here 


15” Concerto Signature Delivered to Oregon!

Keith’s Review on his brand new Acoustic Archtop!

More infos on this Concerto 15” Signature model here 

The new Edelweiss Custom Deluxe!

More details on the Edelweiss Multi-Scale Carved top here 

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7 String Archtop on the way!


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Rancourt Guitars Builder’s Profile on Nordstrand Audio webiste!

Rancourt Guitars builder’s profile on Nordstrand Audio website!!
So pleased to be creating wonderful instrument with such great partners!
Thanks to everyone in the Nordstrand Team for the amazing work you do for us!
Already 5 years and it’s just a start!
You can read more to learn about my path in this creative life i have the chance to live and work for!

The Brand New Concerto Modern Signature 15” Acoustic Archtop!

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The new Deluxe Signature 16” Acoustic Archtop!

Deluxe Signature 16” Acoustic/Electric Archtop

Stella By Starlight played & Arranged by Olivier Laroche

Brand New 16” Modern Signature Archtop in Autumn Leaves burst!

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New Original 16” Deluxe Signature Acoustic Archtop

Hand Carved Acoustic Archtop Guitar top
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Removable Neck Hybrid Hand Carved Upright Bass

-Custom Designed and Made Travel Hybrid Upright Bass-

By, Guillaume Rancourt, Canadian Luthier