Owner’s Review


Keith Jorgenson, Portland, Oregon 

Owner of a 15’’ Concerto Signature Acoustic Archtop

‘’ I wanted to tell you what a fantastic instrument it is.  I’ve never heard an archtop that had such a clean, clear tone as this one produces.  The carving is exquisitely done and the finishing is absolutely stunning.  I am so impressed with your work.  It is very dynamic and expressive, and feels very “alive” when I play it.  Finding the right words to describe the sensation are hard to come by…

I have been playing it just about non-stop since she arrived.  I must say that I have never had an instrument that was so unique; it is, without a doubt, the most responsive, dynamic guitar that I have ever played.  The tone, to me, is very cello like, woody and rich.  I’m finding that because it is so responsive, it allows me to be much more expressive in my playing.  It has made me realize how one dimensional my playing has been.  What was once a pleasant melody takes on a whole new meaning with the responsive tone of the 15″ Concerto.

I am finding myself being drawn to new styles of music where the guitar really shines.  It is very easy to get lost in time just following along where the guitar is leading me.  I have quite an assortment of picks, various thickness and materials.  All of them offer additional ingredients to my tonal pallet, I think that I’m going to be exploring for a long time!!!’’


Philip Lane, Philadelphia, PA

Owner of a 15’’ Wide Nut Concerto Modern Signature Acoustic Archtop

‘’The design and construction is simply wonderful and the sound/tone is beyond expectations!  I have been a huge fan of archtop guitars for years; owning some of the best and spending years to find some of the truly rare instruments.  I have always said that a great archtop is not a “jazz guitar” but a universally fine sounding instrument that one would want to pick up and play over many styles of music.  You have built such a guitar!  I am sure you are very proud of the instruments you are building and wow – you should be!’’


Philippe Lecomte-Lévesque, Canada, QC

Acoustic Archtop Guitar by Guillaume Rancourt, Guitar Maker

Owner of a 16’’ Deluxe Modern Acoustic Archtop

‘’I had the opportunity to try Rancourt Guitar’s  Acoustic Archtops for the first time in the spring of 2015. I was very impressed by the sound and aesthetics of the instrument. It was the Traditionnal 17’’ Violin varnish archtop.  We immediately started the discussions about creating my own custom made archtop guitar! The result is a stunning 16’’ Venetian cutaway Acoustic Archtop with a 400 years old cedar top and Honduran Mahogany back and sides! Guillaume offers quality service and closely follows each step of the instrument’s manufacturing process with his customers. He brilliantly met my expectations. I definitely recommend Rancourt Guitars.”


Howard Slavin, USA, Denver, Colorado

Hand Crafted Archtop made by Canadian Luthier and Archtop Guitar Maker, Guillaume Rancourt

Owner of a 17’’ Traditional Acoustic Archtop with Violin Varnish finish

”First, a word about me. I’ve been playing guitar for close to 50 years and my passion is playing, composing, and arranging Jazz. I am particular about my instruments and my usual guitar of choice is thin, small-bodied, hollow or semi-hollow electric guitar. This guitar is something of a departure for me.

What first drew the guitar to me is how beautiful it is and the quality of sound that I heard on videos posted to the net. The guitar was built in 2015 but not purchased by me until February of 2016. The luthier, Guillaume Rancourt, and I spent a significant amount of time discussing the setup and small modifications that needed to be made to meet my specific needs. Guillaume was most diligent in faithfully bringing these conversations to life.

The guitar has the obvious charm of being handmade by a skilled craftsman. The wood is beautiful, Sitka, maple, black walnut and ebony, and jointed impeccably. The violin varnish finish makes the guitar glow softly. The neck (25’’ scale) is very comfortable in my hand, plays fast and the guitar intonates well up and down the length of the neck. The acoustic sound is full, dark, and rich… round and not at all brittle.

In summary, this is a stunning instrument that plays and sounds beautifully. For me it is best suited for solo ‘’Chord Melody’’ type work, or in a small acoustic ensemble. I am eager to hear the sound with the new floating magnetic pickup designed by Rancourt Guitars I’am having installed on it.”


Antonin Roy, Sherbrooke, Canada, QC

Owner of a LittenWeiss custom 7 String Jazz Guitar

”What can I say about Rancourt Guitars ! Well, it is above all a human experience which I would call “The Alchemist of the Lutherie”! One of the goals of alchemy is the work of art!! A work that persists in time and transmutation of woods into great instrument matter! A work that embraces tradition and innovation at the service of the artist and his thoughts … Sincerely yours, Antonin Roy / Owner of the Litten Eldelweiss 7 strings Rancourt Guitar Model”


Jody Robichaud, NewBrunswick, Canada

Owner of a JGB4 Electric Signature Bass

”I just want to give a MAJOR Shout Out to my friend and phenomenal builder and artisan Guillaume of Rancourt Guitares out of Magog, Quebec.

I was in the market to finally get myself a totally custom bass built to MY exact specs. I saw Guillaume’s work on Facebook and liked what I saw. He’s a one man show! Everything done by hand! Even better? No CNC!

He was with me the whole process. I got a beautiful 4-string Cottonwood Burl topped bass built. All my musical comrades that have tried it fell in love immediately! I’m over the moon with my new baby ‘Ruth’. Plays. She plays like butter and has so many tonal options. You’re left to need nothing with the help of Carey Nordstrand’s NP4A and BigMan pup configuration.

You can check out my baby on the Rancourt site. There is also a video demo coming shortly.

All in all if you are in the market for a fully custom bass or guitar, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Guillaume Rancourt for it!”


Michael Poulin, Kingsey Falls, Canada

Owner of an Edelweiss Electric Guitar

I am the proud owner of an Edelweiss model created and designed by Guillaume. A guitar of unparalleled quality and playability. Whether for manufacturing or for adjustment, with Rancourt Guitars, we are not mistaken!