“I build custom musical instruments to the highest standard of modern lutherie, always with a deep respect for the roots & heritage of the craftsmen of the past…

All that, just so I can help you…

Free your own inspirations!!”

Guillaume Rancourt

Acoustic Musical Instrument Maker

Proportions & Designs

Former professional paint artist and drawer, Guillaume has an eye for great designs, creating beautiful lines and proportions that are key in making a great sounding instrument.

Mixed with a lifelong passion for physics theories, woodworking & architecture, he knows just how to get the results he wants from the material he works with.

Guillaume innovates in creating new ways of making the arched topped instruments respond, pushing the limits of acoustics and guitar engineering, making very responsive instruments using his own innovations; Carving the top braces directly into the top plate of his instruments!

That process propels Rancourt Guitars archtop instruments to another level of acoustic beauty, balance, responsiveness and clarity. With that innovation he makes very fine and articulated acoustic instruments.  ,

Precision Crafstmanship

Guillaume Rancourt has a good eye for details and really strives on bringing his dexterity at the greatest interest for his work & art!

His flexible persona and intuition adapts very well to the player’s benefits! He is able to interpret and render almost any details that a player would want for his custom made musical instrument, even when words are not enough for explaining the feeling they want to get out of it!

If you are on the market for an high-end archtop acoustic guitar and any special custom projects, Rancourt Guitars will be able to materialize your dream guitars.

Sensitivity, vision, intuition and great workmanship meets at the core of who we are!

Decorative and aesthetic details

Coming from a background in Fine Arts, and always been involved in coloring and recreating eye catching details in paintings and drawings, Guillaume’s sense of color, shades, light and fading effects is a very important part of his Identity as a guitar maker.

He is simply passionate about nature’s colorful arrangements of styles and textures and he always tries not only to create a statement through his finishes but uses the lights and different coloring techniques to really add to the natural woods he works with. He loves feeling the grain under a very thin finish and just by adding the right amount of dyes and coatings, bringing out the best of what a piece has to offer for it’s owner’s tastes.

Guillaume works very closely with the player’s commissioning an instrument. He is a very dedicated one, who really want’s his daughters new mate to find everything they were looking for, reflected into his beloved crafted guitars.