JGB 4 Custom Burl Top Natural Model



That Model was designed and made for a good friend of mine, a wonderfully versatile and talented, kind and connected human being, Jonathan-Guillaume Boudreau. He is a true inspiration when it comes do designing a very efficient, light weight and fun to play instrument that can resonate in a very wide range of styles and genres.

That Model came to be made has a semi-hollow one, chambers are created to enable for a woody sound, lightness and optimal comfort for playing hours on end.

The neck access is extremely well thought to acces the higher register with ease and without the need to chane position while goind up and down the fingerbard.

This one is the first 100% Rancourt Guitar designed model we made available in 4 string version, before expending with the other 2 models I designed for him.

  • Chambered Swamp Ash Body

  • Cotton wood burl top

  • Flame Maple/Birds Eye Maple/Walnut stripes neck construction

  • Flame Maple bounded Morado Rosewood Fingerboard

  • 12” radius

  • Medium-Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets

  • Babizc Bass Bridge

  • Hipshot Ultralite black tuners

  • Pickups:

    • Nordstrand Bigman Bridge Pickup

    • Nordstrand NP4A p-bass Neck Pickup

  • Preamp: Nordstrand Custom 3B-5B preamp

  • 34” Scale

  • 38mm Width at Nut

  • Custom ordered inlay

  • Vintage Amber gloss lacquer

  • 19mm string spacing at the bridge saddles

Price: Starting at 5775$ USD

Photo Gallery:

Jonathan-Guillaume Boudreau playing on his Signature Model JGB4