Jon Gearey Artist Signature Deluxe 16″

7 String Acoustic Archtop



This beautiful Artist Signature 16″  7 string Acoustic/Electric Archtop was design and made for the wonderful human being and amazing 7 string guitar player Jon Gearey.

This guitar is a true inspiration for both Jon and I. And what a joy to sit down and listen to him being inspired by it.

Jon keeps telling me how much that instrument is bringing him towards new avenues, even after a lifetime exploring chords and melodies and modes… he constantly comes accross new voicings and chords he never played or went to when playing any other guitars he had before… And that is exactly why I love what I do for and with the people I work with.

This means a lot to me, since vibrations, sounds and harmonics have always been around me and in my life, as far as I can remember. It’s familiar, inviting, inspiring and deeply moving to me… and It feels Like home.

I’m really glad we made that project happen and i’m grateful i’m fortunate enough to have Jon as one of my ambassadors out in the world.

Here are the specs we went for:


  • Hand Carved Salvaged Sinker Red Cedar from RoyTonewood (My only softwood supplier!)

  • Hand carved Figured Peruvian Walnut Back & Sides

  • Violin Purlfing and rounded overhanging edges around Top & Back Plates

  • 2 Pieces laminated Highly figured Maple Neck reinforced with Carbon rods and a dual action Truss Rod

  • Gabon Ebony Fingerboard

  • Peruvian Walnut Headplate and MOP Logo

  • Rancourt Guitars designed ebony Compensated Bridge

  • Rancourt Guitars Lightweight design Tailpiece in Ebony and Figured Maple

  • 12” Radius

  • Gotoh 510 Tuners with Ebony Nobs

  • A custom made 14 Poles Humbucker by Kent Armstrong

  • An Autumn Leaves Burst Italian Violin Varnish finish with French Polish sheen

  • Dimensions:

    • Body size: 16” wide

    • Body Thickness: 3”

    • Nut Width: 50 mm

    • Scale: 25.5”

Price: 9725$ USD

(More options available on custom orders, see the Custom Options section)

Photo Gallery:

Video to come! …