Baroco Semi-Hollow Hybrid Fretless/Harp/Bass/Baritone Guitar



Custom designed & built Semi-Hollow 4-in-1 Baritone Fanned-Fret/Fretless- Harp Guitar

  • Multi-Scale 26” to 28.75” Baritone Guitar Neck (lower Neck)

  • One Piece Semi-Hollow Spanish Cedar 17” wide Body

  • Hand Carved 5A Flame Maple Top with Ebony Reinforcement Plate for the 12 String Harp

  • 2 x One piece 5A Flame Maple neck with Carbon fiber Reinforcement rods and Dual-Acting Stainless Steel Truss Rods

  • Gabon Ebony fingerboards

  • Indian Rosewood Headplates

  • 25.5” Fretless guitar neck with Ghost System Piezo Resomax Wraparound

  • 12 String Sympathic Harp with L.R. Baggs Element Piezo pickup system

  • The Middle Bass Pickup on the Baritone/Fanned-Fret Neck is a Custom Nordstrand Designed and Built NM4 bass pickup. It was built to smaller string spacing and voicing for the Bartine Low A and D strings on the guitar.

  • Neck and Bridge Pickups for the Guitar Register on the Baritone/Fanned-fret Neck are Custom Nordstrand Designed and Built NDC-4, 4 String Humbucker. They have been designed and calibrated to allow to capture the warm yet clear tonal character of the instrument higher register

  • Open Gear Sperzel Trimlock Tuners

  • 2 x Sperzel Bass Tuners

Price: Starting at 12,575$ USD

(More options available on custom orders, see the Custom Options section)

Photo Gallery:

Rancourt Guitars Baroco Sitar Harp Guitar

The Baroco - Bybrid Baritone/Fretless/ Harp Guitar